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“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

― E.B. White


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How do we communicate in ways that are authentic, emotional and evocative?

Ad House Communications is a full-service communications and consulting firm. We're here to help you re-imagine and rephrase for impact.


We understand the advocate, client or donor you’re targeting thanks to 20+ years of communications, marketing and development experience with local, regional and national nonprofit organizations in the Washington, DC metro area. We’re not your typical big agency. With a small staff and many local partners, we’re here to help you maximize your internal communications capacity – not your budget. 


Services we offer include:

  • writing & editing

  • collateral and multimedia (annual reports, brochures, advertising, websites, direct mail, outdoor, social media, video)

  • concept/campaign creation

  • brand identity development and alignment

  • project management

  • communications strategy

  • public relations

  • visual storytelling

  • creating communications infrastructure (brand guidelines, processes and policies)



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Promoting concerts. Reporting news. Handling advertising and PR for private sector clients. Leading marketing and communications departments. That’s how Amrit Dhillon has spent her career. The common thread? Understanding an audience and presenting them with a clear, concise story that leads to action.


With an undergraduate degree in journalism and an advanced degree in social work, Amrit has more than 20 years of concentrated experience helping nonprofit organizations develop strategies, messages, tools, publications and more to address a range of issues - from housing and poverty to child abuse and neglect prevention and community development. She's been published in the Washington Post and has worked across the Baltimore-Washington corridor, including positions with the Aspen Institute, DC Central Kitchen, the National Low Income Housing Coalition and United Way of Central Maryland.

Most recently, Amrit helped build a program on race, identity and inclusion, powered by the award-winning Race Card Project. The experience was a powerful reminder of how important it is to listen to and engage people. Traveling around the country facilitating conversations about how people see themselves - and others - just reiterates her belief that good, authentic communication really does make a difference. 






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